Some days, you’re able to step back from the monotony of the day to day and see where you are in life.  It’s like you’re lifted up and you’re able to see life in a greater perspective.  

Today is one of those days.  It’s my wife’s birthday.

Yes, I probably should have this perspective every day, but everyone knows that’s not realistic.  Plus, it makes days like today that much more meaningful.  

I’ve been married for six years now.  I remember thinking at the beginning of my marriage that I was to be the one who provided everything; finances, security, a home, emotional stability, etc.  Literally, provide everything.  I’m the man.  My wife is suppose to sit back and allow me to take care of her. 

Before you ask, I did have marriage counseling beforehand, but no amount of counseling can break a guy from thinking these things.  Especially someone has hard-headed as me.  No, only life can break this type of thinking.

And boy did it.

The longer I’ve been married, the more times I’ve found myself needing her wisdom, strength, and support.  The longer I’ve been married, the more times I’ve found myself lying in her lap needing her to speak truth to me.  

And I’m thankful that she does.

Happy Birthday, Love.  

Thank you for loving the Lord, our son, and me.  


A New Start

Back in 2005, I started a blog talking about anything from theology to how to catch mice in a mouse trap (no really).  Once my photography business started taking off, I converted that blog into my photography website.  

It was something that needed to be done.

However, the past few years there has been a void.  I loved having a place to sort out my thoughts and being forced to put down real ideas on (digital) paper.  It’s something, I will admit, I’m not great at nor probably have the time for.  But it is something I’m going to do.  

That’s where this new blog comes in.  

I hope this will be that new place. 

I’m not going to make crazy goals and say I”m going to write daily, or even weekly.  The only goal I have is simply to write.  Hopefully, the first post will come soon.